Storybird: Once Upon a Class…

Surfing the internet, I stumbled upon something incredible. I present to you: Storybird! If you could be friends with internet sites, this site would be my BFF!

Their motto : “Create, read and share virtual stories”.  This site allows you to create stories online from their picture bank online. You have the creative liberty of doing whatever you please. As a future teacher, I have fallen in love with the simplicity of this site. There is even a section specifically for teachers and another one for parents. It seems as if it was made to be used in classrooms! In fact, The possibilities for the classroom offered by Story bird seem limitless.

Reasons to love Story bird:

  • It’s Free! It also takes less than 5 minutes to set up an account.
  • Amazing art. There is nothing like nice art to inspire you in your writing projects Students can use this art as the focus point of their story. Also, through visual art you can grab the attention of your visual students!
  • Puzzle solving. Readers can unlock special pages and bonuses hidden in the stories online. This helps  your students to develop problem solving skills. This game factor can also help increase their level of motivation to accomplish their tasks,
  • Social reinforcement. Students can receive feedback from their peers. This can help to build their self confidence in their work. It also allows them to work their social skills within the classroom. Having students give feedback to others is an excellent way to create a writing community within the classroom.
  • It’s a grade booster! Teachers and kids report higher grades in writing and reading comprehension when using Storybird regularly

Useful for the classroom:

  • Facilitates grading. You can correct and assign grades online.
  • Easy sharing. This site makes it easy to share the stories once they are completed. You can even e-mail them to parents so they can see their child’s progress.
  • Fundraising.  You can sell your online creations. This can help to finance a school trip.

Reading about it was just too fun, I had to try it out. Here is a small sample  of what you can do!. Personally, I found it quite easy and amusing  . I definitely intend on trying out more stuff soon!

Are you having the urge to try it out for yourself, check this tutorial out!  Here is another one made especially for teachers.

Do you need ideas to start writing yourself? Here, check out these examples of story ideas.


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