Youtube: A teacher’s sidekick!

As a future teacher, I see the importance of adapting your classroom to the new technologies. Kids theses days are hooked so early to all kind of different screens (TV, phones, iPads, etc…). This is the reason why teachers would benefit from the implementation of Youtube within their classroom! Everyone knows or has heard about Youtube. It is quite accessible. In fact, it follows most of us in our back pocket. Why not take advantage of this and show to our students all the educational potential it holds!

Students can go watch videos,  depending on their interests, but in the language that is being studied! It offers an opportunity to hear more of that target language. If they are learning a foreign language, these Youtube videos can help them get used to hearing and understanding the language they are studying. In the case of ESL teaching, there a lot of videos online.

Just to name a few possibilities:

  • You can find online “Spoken English Lessons” like this
  • You can find videos on specific grammar topics like this 
  • You can find situational videos that demonstrate how to act/ what to say in certain situations like this 
  • You can record your class and put it up online so your students will be able to review the class content
  • You can even find videos that give tips for future teachers! Whether it be examples of activities you can do in class or suggestions of good class management skills..

There really is an endless opportunity as to how Youtube can upgrade your classroom experience!

If you are looking for inspiration, here are a couple of good examples of youtube channels for teachers!

Youtube is also an excellent resource to help plan your class. You can use it many ways to help increase the level of in-class participation of your students, or simply to help you organize your class.

  •  Ice breakers. Videos can be used to engage students,to help them start discussions. This is a good tool in language classes to help provide more opportunities of oral practice.
  •  Save videos. Make a playlist of relevant videos for your class.
  • Archive your work.  This allows you to save your old work and material. You can then send it to new students. This saves you time and space!
  • Exam review. You can easily upload videos and information that can help your students review for an upcoming exam.
  • Video message to your students. Create an account for your class. Forgot to give specific information about an assignment or you would like to send them a message before the next class? A video online is a quick easy way to do so. You can even send them an e-mail to warn them of this recent upload.

The possibilities are endless! Go have fun with it, you will not regret it!


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