iPads in the classroom: To use or not to use?


In this world of ever growing technology, it is even more important for teachers to adapt their classrooms to it. Yes, iPads are known to be used for leisure. They could be a source of distraction. However, if you know how to use them, it is possible to use them in an awesome EFFICIENT way in the classroom! (The more you know your tool, the more you know how to prevent these distractions!)

iPads can be very useful in the classroom. You just need to discover how you can use it, what aspect of it would be useful for you! Here are some examples:

  • Visual support: Using the iPad opens up the window for a ton of visual support. Whether it be a document you found or made on the web, videos, pictures, etc… It is a simplified version of a projector. Also,each student can have access to the image from their own seat. Therefore, everyone can see clearly.
  • Classroom management: Using an iPad, you can hook it up to your board. This way, you can circulate in the classroom as you write. As a teacher, you are no longer chained to that board. It is easier to manage a classroom if your back if not faced to them. There also exists a wide range of applications to help you accomplish a good management of your classroom.
  • Easy correction
  • Facilitates feedback: Through internet, you can exchange e-mails with your students and their parents. You can send them personal messages to give them feedback, or can simply write directly on the assignment that was handed in.
  • Easy access: With the iPads you can easily store your files, your student files and all the other documents you think could come in handy. It is then easier to find what you are looking for through your search engine than through a messy desk.
  • Allows creativity: You have endless possibilities of what you can do with the iPads. It is an invaluable tool for teachers to create their class material. With all the different applications available online, you can easily add a magic touch to any lesson plan!  
  • Endless supply of tools and resources. It’s true! Go search the internet. The possibilities are limitless. A lot of them are free. Why not make good usage of them!

For example, there is this neat application called iPrompt. This purpose of this app is to help the learner  acquire fluency when reading or giving an oral presentation. This app can be very useful in the classroom to help your students read more fluently. It can also be used to improve their speech making skills. How it works? Basically, you can copy the text into iPrompt and then change the speed at which the writing will appear. This way, you can adjust the speed to the student’s level. Here is a tutorial for further information.

There are other apps to help you get free E-books for education and learning. All teachers know the importance of taking all the resources that are offered to you. Not every school had a big budget for new books every year. Therefore, why not take advantage of these free E-books! Here are sites that you should check out on this matter: Project Gutenberg and Baen Ebooks.

To those who are still sceptic, I had the chance to observe the use of iPads within an elementary school classroom. The success was immediate. Students were interested, invested and concentrated on their task. Through conversation with my associate teacher, it was revealed that: “She had never seen them be as concentrated as when they work on their iPad”. Let’s face it, we are dealing with a new generation of students. They are not only used to having technology, they were raised using it. Therefore, teachers can benefit greatly from implementing technology within the classroom. It is an excellent way to increase the participation level of the students in your classroom.

You can always check this site out for even more interesting information and ideas!










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