PowerPoint presentations 2.0: Prezi

If you look up “Power Point presentation” in the dictionary, I am pretty certain the synonyms you would find would resemble this:

Power Point presentation: Boring, long, never ending, ugly and  a drag.


However, no one can argue that these presentations aren’t  a visual tool with ENORMOUS POTENTIAL. As presenters, we just never seem to be able to unleash its full potential of awesomeness! We tend to forget that the presentation can be interesting, bold, creative AND interactive!

But how can a power point presentation become such a thing?If I could read your mind, I bet this is what I would be hearing at the moment).

In one of classes, a student showed up for her oral presentation with something different. It was something familiar yet it had a creative twist. It was informative yet very CREATIVE. It was pretty. It was captivating. BUT, most of all….it was interactive! I just had to figure out what this incredible tool was. Here is what I discovered…

Well search no further, the tool you have been waiting for is : Prezi !


What is Prezi?

Prezi is a presentation software  that stands out from the others by the possibility it gives you to tell a story on a virtual canvas. This means that your presentation is not fixed to the traditional solid slides we are used to! Your presentation can now do many more things than just switch slides at the click of a button. You can know create an interactive map. The presenter can zoom in and out of their presentation as they please. Your presentation is now in 3D. This just brings it to a whole new level. There are just so many reasons why you should use Prezi in your classroom!

This description can seem confusing or mind boggling at first. That is why you must see a Prezi presentation to fully understand what it is. The neat thing about Prezi is they have a sharing space. You can have access to presentations made by people from all around the world. This can inspire you or simply be the presentation you were looking for!  For you to understand the magic of Prezi, check this presentation out:


Reasons why I will use Prezi in my future ESL classroom

  • Collaboration: Using prezi promotes collaboration. You can have multiple users working on the same presentation at the same time. This way, it facilitates group work. Integrating Prezi in the classroom can help the teacher focus on cooperative learning structures. It can also make it easier for students to complete a task. They can do their assignment from their homes or from wherever they wish to complete their tasks.
  • Build communication skills: Prezi is used during oral presentations. In the context of an ESL classroom, this can be used during an oral communication exercise. It is a good tool for students to practice their communication skills. Being armed with a great presentation can give them the courage and motivation they need to do their presentation! When you are well prepared you tend to stress less for something. Considering that stress being a factor that discourages students from participating actively in the classroom, equipping students with a tool that puts them at ease for their presentation can only help them to gain courage and confidence in their own personal abilities! It is a win-win situation! (Creating their presentation also makes them work on their writing skills!)
  • Professional skill: Nowadays, more and more jobs are requiring some sort of presentation. Thus, showing students how to create a good presentation can only help them for the future. Working on this skill will prepare them for professional jobs or opportunities they eventually will have to perform. It can help them distinguish themselves from the competition.  Also, when a class activity can be applied to real life situations, students tend to be more motivated to accomplish them. This can also be a factor to increase the class motivation/active participation!


  • Develops creativity: Prezi is a great tool to encourage students to develop their creative side.


Another good aspect of Prezi is the present online community. There is a forum where people exchange their ideas. There is also a youtube channel where Prezi presents different aspects or applications offered to you with their software. It is an excellent  way to get you started or to find innovative ideas for your own presentations!

So now that you have the information, go check it out! It is definitely worth it!




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